16 12 2012

SC RID has been working withΒ MJB DesignΒ to create an up to date website for our members. The new site is extremely user friendly and has features that we believe our members will find useful. Each SC RID member now has an account and when you log in you will be able to access a member directory. Also membership renewal will be a more streamlined process when you log in. Members will also be able to access our blog posts on the new site and we have provided a community calendar to make our event information moreΒ accessible.







SC RID board members would also like to say THANK YOU to Stan Halstead for his hard work as webmaster up until now! His “labor of love” has not gone unnoticed and we are truly thankful for all of the hard work that he has done for SC RID.

Take the opportunity to explore the new website and let us know what you think. πŸ™‚

Just follow this link!





Paul May’s Classifier workshop.

8 12 2012

Paul May's Classifier workshop.

SC RID members chat with each other during a break from learning all about ASL classifiers with Paul May. The workshop took place at Midlands Deaf Church in Columbia SC. The workshop was a blast!